Why VerifyDMARC?


See all domains under your management & their sending activity in one place.


A dashboard that automatically highlights where action is required.

Proactive Security

Identify loose DMARC policy & strategically strengthen your email security.

Single Sign-On for All Plans

No passwords. All plans can use Passwordless or Microsoft 365 Single Sign-On.

Privacy by Design

Your data belongs to you only & we automatically purge DMARC data after 90 days.

Quick Onboarding with Bulk Import & Export

Seamlessly import your domain list with built-in deduplication using API or CSV.

DMARC Record Wizard

Makes it simple to get DMARC setup & enhance email security quickly.

MSP & Digital Agency Optimised

Generous domain limits and unlimited admin users for managing many domains.

Designed for Speed

Our interface is designed to get you straight to actionable data, so you can spend a minimum amount of time managing DMARC.


More Features

  • RUA Aggregate Report Processing
  • Unlimited Users on Business Plans
  • Automatic Subdomain Detection
  • Domain Tagging
  • 90-day Report History
  • Sending Source Enrichment
  • Passwordless Sign-In or SSO
  • API for Domain Management
  • Bulk Import Domains from CSV
  • DMARC Record Validator
  • Multi Organisation Support
  • DMARC Policy Suggestions

Plans & Pricing

Larger plans available - email us. Pricing excludes any applicable taxes.
No credit card required until end of trial period. Choose yearly for 2 months free.

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Addressing Microsoft Mail Flow Issues to Third Party Email Accounts

Addressing Microsoft Mail Flow Issues to Third Party Email Accounts

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Mail Providers
Comprehensive & Cost-Effective DMARC for MSPs

Comprehensive & Cost-Effective DMARC for MSPs

The challenge of managing DMARC across multiple client domains has traditionally been a complex and costly affair. VerifyDMARC addresses this head-on by offering a unified, cost-effective solution.

Enhancing Email Security with Privacy in Mind

Enhancing Email Security with Privacy in Mind

Protecting your email communications shouldn’t come at the expense of privacy and security for your organisation, employees, customers and suppliers.