Our Story

The journey to launching VerifyDMARC began with an observation that the market for existing DMARC services was becoming overly complicated and expensive. These services often included unnecessary features that were beyond what most organisations need.

Our Co-Founders Thomas and Scott have been in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) business for over 17 years, and have always focused on services that are simple, do what you need, and do it well.

Challenges and Response

VerifyDMARC development kicked off when our preferred DMARC service provider was acquired and abruptly discontinued. The alternatives available were either too complex and required too much effort to get to actionable information or were priced at a premium that would require us to justify additional cost to customers.

In response we set out to solve this problem ourselves, considering that IT people are time poor and get pulled in every direction, so ensuring DMARC data was straight to the point with showing where action is needed was key. The product also needed to be low cost so we could keep bundling it as part of our MSP offering instead of trying to explain to customers why they needed to understand what DMARC even is and why they should pay an extra charge for it.

Our Commitment

When you choose VerifyDMARC, you have our commitment that:

• We won’t feature gate you and make you pay extra for things like Single Sign-On (SSO) unless there’s an underlying additional cost to us.
• We’ll actively listen to our customers and their feature requests and seek to build a product that serves the customer.
• We’ll keep the product as simple as we can and focus on enabling VerifyDMARC to fit into your technology stack through things like API interfaces and bulk import/export tools.

Why Choose Us?

1. To the point data: We’ve surfaced all the data most MSPs and IT teams need on a single dashboard to enable you to get DMARC in place and to spend as little of your valuable time managing DMARC as possible.
2. Affordable: Our pricing model is focused on how much data we need to process, so you get generous domain limits and as many users as you want on business plans.
3. Designed for MSPs and IT teams: We know the value of your time. Let us help make DMARC easy, and then let us know if there’s anything else we could take off your plate.

Join Our Mission

This is more than just a service for us; it's a commitment to uphold our principles of simplicity and accessibility in a field that has become unnecessarily complicated. Try us out and we hope you'll appreciate a product that you're comfortable recommending to any IT professional.