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Comprehensive & Cost-Effective DMARC for MSPs

March 21, 2024


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a crucial role in ensuring their clients' digital landscapes are secure, particularly when it comes to email security. The challenge of managing DMARC across multiple client domains has traditionally been a complex and costly affair. VerifyDMARC changes the game by offering a unified, cost-effective solution that not only simplifies domain management but also adds accessibility for the entire team through convenient authentication options.

The Traditional Challenges

MSPs face significant hurdles in providing comprehensive DMARC management:

  • High Costs per Domain: The cost of managing DMARC policies can skyrocket as the number of client domains increases, making it a challenge to offer this crucial service without passing on significant costs to clients.
  • Complex Management Systems: Juggling multiple accounts or platforms for different clients adds complexity and increases the risk of missing critical security insights before they cause an incident.

VerifyDMARC's Unified Platform

VerifyDMARC is designed with MSPs in mind, addressing these challenges head-on:

  • Cost-Effective Multi-Domain Management: Our plans offer many domains under a single account, removing financial barriers and simplifying the process of scaling DMARC management as MSPs grow their client base.
  • Centralized Domain Management: With a single view for all managed domains, MSPs can efficiently monitor their customer base’s DMARC compliance and adjust DMARC policies, streamlining operations and enhancing security postures.

Team Accessibility and Security

One of VerifyDMARC's standout features is its approach to team access and authentication:

  • Modern Authentication Options: With the choice of passwordless email One-Time Password (OTP) authentication or Microsoft 365 Single Sign-On (SSO), VerifyDMARC ensures convenient access for all team members without burdening MSPs with more credentials. This feature is particularly significant as many DMARC providers limit SSO to their most expensive plans, adding another layer of cost and complexity for MSPs.
  • Unlimited Admin Users: All business plans include unlimited admin users, so the whole team can be across DMARC and avoid sharing credentials.

Benefits for MSPs and Their Clients

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The whole team can manage email security without the hassle of managing multiple sets of credentials, streamlining workflows. Clear highlighting of weak DMARC policy allows teams to spend less time assessing individual records.
  • Increased Security and Compliance: By leveraging these modern authentication options, MSPs enhance their security posture with a familiar and convenient authentication method that cannot be overlooked during team changes.
  • Strengthened Client Relationships: Offering robust DMARC management strengthens the MSP's value proposition, building trust with clients.
  • Risk Reduction: It is in the interests of an MSP to prevent email attacks by identifying and remediating weaknesses before they are exploited. Regardless of fault, a breach is messy and resource intensive, damaging to a client relationship and an MSP’s reputation. Proactive inclusion of DMARC monitoring is in everyone’s interest.


VerifyDMARC stands out as the ideal solution for MSPs looking to provide comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective email security management across multiple domains. Its unique features, including unlimited admin users and modern authentication options, set it apart in a market where accessibility and cost efficiency are paramount. By choosing VerifyDMARC, MSPs can add value to their service offerings, ensuring that both their team and their clients' domains are well-protected under a unified, secure, and accessible platform.

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